Investor & All Other Visas

Investor and All Other Visas

To learn how you qualify as an immigrant investor, and how our immigration law firm can assist you in documenting your eligibility and fulfill all requirements in a timely fashion, contact a member of our staff at Slowik & Robinson. Our immigration lawyers have helped many investors from around the world come to America to live and do business.

The USCIS EB-5 Adjudications Policy Memorandum states that, “in the EB-5 Program, immigrants who invest their capital in job-creating businesses and projects in the United States receive conditional permanent resident status in the United States for a two-year period. After two years, if the immigrants have satisfied the conditions of the EB-5 Program and other criteria of eligibility, the conditions are removed and the immigrants become unconditional lawful permanent residents of the United States. Congress created the two-year conditional status period to help ensure compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements and to ensure that the infusion of investment capital is sustained and the U.S. jobs are created.”

Individuals seeking to enter the United States as investors typically have a number of legal challenges including the following:

International investors who are seeking to invest and conduct business throughout the United States continue to look to Slowik & Robinson for professional assistance. Our law firm stands out as a valuable resource for immigrant investors for these three reasons:

  1. Our immigration law and business law practices are both well-established, each with a long record of favorable results for our domestic and international clients;
  2. Our attorneys have distinguished credentials, including Harvard business mediation training; and
  3. We offer large-firm level knowledge and experience in a more personalized and economical boutique law firm setting.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with a member of the Slowik & Robinson team if you have inquiries regarding E-2 (non-immigrant), EB-5 (immigrant), or any other business or investor related issues.

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I had the pleasure of working with Don Slowik. Don is a terrific guy and obviously knows what he is doing. Every time we had to either call or meet with Don it was always very professional and very quick. He jumps to the point and doesn’t want to waste our time …
Extremely helpful team, no matter what questions we had they answered with complete ease and comprehensive info. Bradley A. Morone