Discrimination & Wage/Hour Disputes

Discrimination and Wage

Everyday businesses hire, manage, and terminate employees with the express goal of running efficient, customer-service oriented operations. The possible threat of legal action regarding alleged employment discrimination, or wage/hour and overtime disputes is a reality that employers face as a cost of doing business. Employers must take the necessary steps to protect business interests both before and after claims such as discrimination based on age, gender, religion or ethnicity are filed. Additionally, employers may come face to face with a matter regarding an employee claiming that they were misclassified as an exempt employee, or asked to work off the clock inappropriately. In any circumstance, business owners in need of risk management turn to the advice and representation of Slowik & Robinson, a team of astute labor and employment attorneys. And, when discrimination claims, or claims of wage and hour violations occur, businesses can rely on our law firm's experience and advocacy to defend and resolve such claims expediently and economically.

The lawyers of Slowik & Robinson have a wealth of experience handling claims of sexual harassment, sex discrimination, age discrimination, national origin discrimination, public policy tort, and whistleblower protection claims. Also, Slowik & Robinson, LLC is a particularly suitable law firm for employers with immigrant employees. The law firm has a thriving, full-scale immigration practice in addition to a well-established employment law, labor law and business law practice.

Contact an attorney of Slowik & Robinson, LLC, to schedule a consultation regarding discrimination claims or wage and hour disputes, whether as a preventive measure or as a way to address existing claims. Located in Columbus, Ohio, our attorneys serve clients based locally, nationwide, and internationally.

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I had the pleasure of working with Don Slowik. Don is a terrific guy and obviously knows what he is doing. Every time we had to either call or meet with Don it was always very professional and very quick. He jumps to the point and doesn’t want to waste our time …
Extremely helpful team, no matter what questions we had they answered with complete ease and comprehensive info. Bradley A. Morone