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Businesses enter into contracts on a nearly daily basis. Having a reliable law firm handle the drafting, reviewing, formalizing and revision of agreements gives business owners and managers peace of mind. Attorneys of Slowik & Robinson, LLC, strive to make the relationship between the law firm and business clients convenient and empowering. The law firm handles the law while businesses handle their dealings.

Slowik & Robinson, LLC, is prepared to assist with drafts of all kinds of contracts, such as asset purchase agreements, change in control agreements, collaboration agreements, deposit agreements, dissolution plans, incentive plans, insurance plans, commercial leases, manufacturing and supply agreements and shareholder agreements, to name a few.

Our business law firm welcomes businesses of all sizes and in any location. Contact us to learn how we can streamline contracts and agreements on behalf of your business. We understand that the business world operates on a tight schedule, and for that reason, we are willing to counsel your personnel during off hours.

"At Slowik & Robinson, LLC, the quality of my lawyering is the same … only now I can give my clients the personalized service and individual attention they deserve. I make 'house calls'," says Mr. Sagartz of Slowik & Robinson, LLC. This may mean being available to meet clients starting at 6:30 a.m. and up until 8 p.m. on weekdays and on Saturday mornings if necessary.

Attorney Sagartz, Of Counsel with Slowik & Robinson, LLC, has performed legal services on behalf of some of the nation's largest companies and financial institutions. He has worked with large law firms on secured lending matters, business acquisitions (both stock and asset purchases), and securities law. He also assisted with securities litigation, and he handled not-for-profit matters as well as immigration cases on a pro bono basis.

Today he complements our other attorneys' knowledge base on behalf of business clients of Slowik & Robinson, LLC, in a wide range of business legal matters, including contracts and agreements.

Client Testimonials
I had the pleasure of working with Don Slowik. Don is a terrific guy and obviously knows what he is doing. Every time we had to either call or meet with Don it was always very professional and very quick. He jumps to the point and doesn’t want to waste our time …
Extremely helpful team, no matter what questions we had they answered with complete ease and comprehensive info. Bradley A. Morone